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Appearing in Answer Boxes on Google

answer box on googleAppearing in Answer Boxes on google often seems to drive good organic traffic when attached to a strong performing keyword. SEOs that seek to obtain placement within a featured snippet or answer box in the search results pages can take the following steps.

Google looks at several signals and assigns a weight and bias to each. The web page with the most proper scores in each category, when rolled up, receives the coveted Answer Box. Much like brewing beer, grain, hops, yeast, water and sugar must be present. If yeast is lacking your beer has no chance and if hops are lacking you have a lower shot at being a highly ranked. So it’s about finding the optimal mix or at least the mix that is the best among the others ranking on the first page.

Title Tags

The title tag should match the actual question in full.

Header & Content

Make the header tag the target keyword phrase and the content in a proper <p> HTML format. Make sure the question and answer are properly posed on the webpage. Tighten up the lead paragraph and make the answer strong and direct.

Natural language analysis

Run the page through a natural language processor using AlchemyAPI tool and Google’s own Natural Language Processor API, (both tools have free trials on their respective websites). Focus on entities, keywords, concepts and relations to enrich content and appeal more to Google.

Go to Google Search Console to submit changes to the index (Fetch as Google > submit to index). In less than 10 minutes your title tag should appear live in the SERPs and an improved ranking.

Link Building

To boost links ask for a simple “whatever you choose” anchor text link directly to the post on a healthy domain and relevant page. Ask friends not to click on the results to weed out user metrics as a factor and ask them to fetch as Google. Make sure the links are all on various DAs with nothing too great and nothing too small. All white-hat sites.

There are no guarantees so tweaking maybe required and competition monitored as well as improved link building over time but all this should eventually result in appearing in the coveted Answer Box.


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