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Full Website SEO Audit

full website seo auditWith each full website SEO audit we compile an in-depth analysis of your site’s on-page optimization and locate immediate areas for improvement. We understand that no two sites or industries are the same so the audit can be as specific or general as is required. When complete we will provide a report with multiple actionable items after a thorough diagnosis of each of your landing pages for content, keywords, design, performance and accessibility.

The audit will include an initial full website scan to check that all your website pages can properly be indexed by search engines and identify any SEO technical errors according to the following criteria.

Duplicated content – Identifying duplicate content such as page titles, Meta description, H1 titles as well as page content.

Links analysis – We analyze and detect (internal and external) broken links and identify partner links and links to social networks.

Architecture – Get an overview of your whole website architecture in order to analyze the proper structure of your website.

Textual content – Estimate the quality of your website textual content with a detailed summary including the most recurring keywords on each page of your website.

Pages Analysis – Each page is subjected to a thorough analysis in order to generate a detailed summary of encountered errors (SEO, performance, content, design, accessibility).

Keyword research and analysis

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have a thorough keyword analysis carried out for the service that you provide customers so that you understand what keyword searches your target market are carrying out on a daily basis.  This will include a full study of your industry sector, the service you provide within it, the level of your customer, the geographic location and importantly USPs that will help you leap above your competitors in SERP rankings.

Data that will be analyzed is local Volume, global Volume and competition for up to a 1000 relevant keywords and phrases. The most important keywords that will be looked at will have the following attributes:

  • Relevance to your site categorized nto Extremely high, high, medium or low.
  • The Search volume that will be driven to your site.
  • keywords that can be competed on.

Also B2C (Business to Consumer) clients require a different approach than B2B (Business to Business) clients as the B2C sole goal is to get conversion but the B2B client is not always to focus on the immediate sale but to be noticed online for the sales process to begin. The overall analysis goes beyond Wordtracker data, looking at important search and user behavior as well as identifying highly converting and competitive keywords.

Competitive Analysis

Once a keyword list has been established the top 10 competitors can be easily identified and their SEO strategy analyzed by carrying out the following.

  • Analysis of Their Backlink Profile
  • Analysis of Their Topical Authority
  • Establishing  Industry Averages
  • Research their content marketing and social media strategy

Once a thorough understanding of your competitors has been established we can create a strategy based on the averages of the data we uncovered. For example if we needed a 100 backlinks for your website to start appearing we can breakdown the Domain Rank of the backlinks and based on the industry averages set targets for how to sculpt a backlink outreach strategy.

Link building audit

Link quality is extremely important in SEO and we pursue links that will not only have an impact today but will continue to impact in the future which means understanding what makes a quality link by analyzing the following elements of a link.

  • Relevance – This is the first to consider at page and domain level as can impact negatively on SEO efforts.
  • Link Type – This means both the way the link is formed and the manner in which it’s linking, both of which make a difference in link quality.
  • Authority – Authority has been overvalued above relevance but if the link isn’t relevant, or the link is created in an artificial or poor manner then authority won’t count.
  • Location – The location of where the link is on the page is the next factor in link analysis.

Breaking down and analyzing links allows us to determine the strength vs weakness of each link and set out a strategy to build good links on the website that make sense and strengthen the overall SEO Campaign.

The comprehensive report will include immediate actionable items such as fixing basic SEO technical errors for each page of the website as well as an overall SEO strategic plan to improve rankings of the website on SERPs for the short, medium and longer term. We are offering to carry out this report for free as an introduction to our SEO Consulting and Website Design Services.

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