SEO Strategy Consulting

Ongoing SEO Campaign

ongoing seo campaignOnce a comprehensive initial audit of your website has been carried out and the immediate SEO errors resolved the following technical resolutions also need to be addressed before employing an ongoing SEO Campaign.

  • The on-page optimization needs to serve a purpose with keywords that your ideal audience would use.
  • The website needs to be fast so utilize CDN and with proper caching.
  • The website needs to be mobile-friendly so responsive design.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are a must if the audience primarily searches on a mobile device.
  • The website should have optimized practice areas and location pages.
  • The website should follow a logical structure with top level pages and subpages.

Once this has been achieved implementation of a longer term SEO strategy can be carried out where the keyword, competitor and link analysis results from the initial report are used to formulate and pursue a strategic outreach campaign over the course of 4 – 6 months.

The benefits of having a dedicated consultant working to continuously improve your SERP rankings over this time can be extremely beneficial. The main two areas that our consultant will deliver on, as well as keeping abreast of any search engine or relevant industry developments, are a content outreach programme and the pursuit of a powerful high quality backlinks for your website.

Content Marketing Outreach Strategy

Employing a good content marketing strategy for your website is essential for a successful SEO strategy. It needs to be focused around top keywords identified for the service and industry that you occupy with emphasis on your USPs to stay ahead of competitors.  Content such as blog posts, whitepapers, videos, research reports and webinars gives people something to link to and will create rank by itself in the search engines. For instance we can write a blog post on a particular subject and there is a chance it will rank for some of the keywords we use in the title and in the body of the post especially if it gets linked to and from other sites or is shared a lot on social media. The result of good content marketing is that your website will have a high domain authority which results in better ranking for all of your content. We will make sure that we add good new content regularly to show search engines that your site is active and signals to Google and other search engines on a continual basis and so improve rankings.

We have seen a boost of 58.5% in organic traffic with a client engaged in a continuous content creation programme with optimizations and adjustments.

Pursuit of high quality powerful backlinks to your website

Having an industry expert or influencer in your corner is someone that people listen to online and will help you develop powerful backlinks to your website. For SEO if an influencer links to your website through blogging, forums, webinars, social media and so on more people will then link to your website and your ranking on SERPs will go up significantly and also people will trust your content more. Ideally the influencer could head up content creation on your site but it could be an editor of an industry magazine or someone we can align with in the industry.

We also use tools like Majestic SEO to see who is linking to your competitors and once identified we can analyze them and learn how they got them and implement a similar strategy for your website.

The extent to which you use our services for a content outreach and backlink building strategy is flexible as we do offer contracts on a per-project, monthly or hourly rates depending on your SEO consulting needs.



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